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Eye Exam in El Paso

Diabetic eye examinations in El Paso

Eye exam in El Paso

Eye exam in El Paso

Diabetic eye examinations are an excellent way to keep your eyes healthy and to avoid the consequences that having type one or type two diabetes can have on your ocular well-being as well as your vision. We at El Paso EyeCare are dedicated to preventive optometry as well as early detection and treatment of eye disease.

All adults should come in for our eye exam in El Paso once per year. It’s essential for determining your current vision and correcting it with a prescription for glasses or contacts, when necessary. In addition, diagnosis of common eye diseases is also a priority. Diabetic retinopathy, caused by the effects of diabetes, is one of those diseases. And like the others, it is not associated with any noticeable symptoms until it has reached a more advanced stage. That puts you at significant risk. Diabetic retinopathy can form and progress without you having any idea of its presence. Blood flow to your eyes can be slowed and disrupted, and the blood vessels themselves might be damaged. So don’t wait for indications to appear. Come in annually for our eye exam in El Paso. Advanced diagnostics are utilized to reach a definitive conclusion. The way that diabetic retinopathy is addressed will depend on whether or not you have suffered any eye damage. If so, you may need to get laser treatments done to repair your ocular blood vessels. If, however, you are fortunate to have it caught before any harm has occurred, the focus will be on getting your blood sugar under control to prevent any negative effects. Our eye doctor will work with you and your primary care doctor to develop a sound strategy that includes dietary adjustments and medication.

Arrange our diabetic eye examination by calling our eye exam in El Paso office today and scheduling a convenient time to come in.

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