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There are plenty of things that can affect your overall comfort and quality of everyday living. Eye allergies are fairly common and they can sometimes be the cause of any such discomfort or stress. But sometimes, symptoms that you may think are due to simple eye allergies are in fact caused by chronic dry eye. Here at El Paso EyeCare our optometrists can help provide you with the comprehensive eye exams and even the dry eye treatment in El Paso that you will need to live comfortably.

Dry eye syndrome or chronic dry eye can easily be mistaken for eye allergies. There are some allergic reactions that result in dry, itchy eyes but are usually caused by exposure to a particular substance or particle. Additionally, the symptoms can usually be treated or even eliminated with the help of allergy medicines and other such medications. Chronic dry eye is persistent and is actually the result of inadequate tears. Your tears are integral to your overall eye health. Your tears help keep your eyeballs moist and help when it comes to flushing out airborne or other alien materials. Tears help clear out eyelashes, bits of dirt, dust, pebbles and even bacteria from your eye in order to protect it fully. With inadequate tears, not only are your eyes dry and irritated feeling, but your eyes will not be able to properly protect themselves from things that can cause them harm. Here at El Paso EyeCare, one of our optometrists will be able to provide you with a complete eye exam that will determine whether any symptoms you are experiencing are the result of allergies or if they are caused by chronic dry eye. In the event that you do have dry eye, either one of our optometrists – Dr. Patel or Dr. Eley – will be able to administer the proper dry eye treatment in El Paso and dispense any other advice or information that you will need in order to properly care for this condition.

If you are experiencing any eye dryness, irritation or persistent redness, please feel free to call us here at El Paso EyeCare. One of our optometrists will be able to tell you whether you have dry eye syndrome and will be able to give you the dry eye treatment in El Paso that you require.

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