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El Paso dry eye dotor

El Paso dry eye dotor

Making sure that your eyes are healthy is vital, which is why annual eye exams are recommended for everyone, regardless of their age or the current eye health. Many people experience dry eyes, but not every case can be attributed to simple irritations or allergic reactions. In some cases, you may actually have a dry eye syndrome. Here at El Paso EyeCare our El Paso dry eye doctor can provide you with the necessary tests required to identify this issue as well as with any treatment options that you might need in order to improve your daily life.

Even with a dry eye syndrome can be incredibly uncomfortable, and irritating. Dry eyes can certainly result from other outside factors, but dry eye syndrome is a bit different. Dry eye syndrome is caused by insufficient tears, or tears that are not fully capable of keeping your eyes moist and lubricated. Your tears protect your eyes – if any foreign objects get into your eyes, your tears will be able to flush them while keeping your eyes safe. Tears also keep your eyes moist, lubricated, and healthy. Dry eye syndrome prevents this from happening. This is a bit different than having seasonal allergies or being sensitive to certain types of environments. Dry eye syndrome can lead to other eye related problems, and it can make daily life difficult and uncomfortable. Our El Paso dry eye doctor can help identify the issue and make sure that you’re given the proper treatment. Some people can benefit from medicated eye drops where as other people may need to undergo other procedures. Either way, we here at El Paso EyeCare can make sure that you get the care and attention you need.

Annual eye exams can help identify issues like dry eye syndrome or even chronic allergies before you exhibit any symptoms or are prompted to visit us. These tests can be beneficial when it comes to understanding your health and wellness needs. If you need to book an appointment with our El Paso dry eye doctor, please call us here at El Paso EyeCare today.

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