El Paso Eye Doctor

El Paso Eye Doctor

When we think of eye exams, we generally regard them as a means to acquiring a proper prescription for a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. While comprehensive eye exams certainly do serve this purpose, that is not the only role they play in your health. During a thorough comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor performs a number of tests to get an overall sense of the health of your eyes, looking for conditions such as glaucoma which can develop without any noticeable symptoms. In order to make sure that your vision remains strong and your eyes stay healthy, it is important to regularly schedule eye exams with your dating leipzig at El Paso EyeCare, where we will monitor the condition of your eyes to help you stay ahead of potential problems.

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El Paso Vision Care

As we all know, a key component of a comprehensive eye exam is a refraction test, which involves looking through different lenses at an eye chart across the room in order to determine the best prescription for your vision needs. However, there are other necessary procedures performed during a comprehensive eye exam. Your eye doctor will also perform a slit lamp exam to get a close look at the structures of your eyes, checking them for signs of problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, problems with the cornea, and other issues. Your eyes may also be dilated, in order to get a better overall look at their health. During your comprehensive eye exam, you may also have your intraocular pressure checked in order to make sure that you are not at a risk of developing glaucoma. At El Paso EyeCare, our dating leipzig performs all these tests so that your eye exam can provide both you and your doctor with a thorough and full picture of your overall optic well-being.

At El Paso EyeCare, Dr. D.T. Patel and Dr. Eley are both completely committed to providing you with proper eye care. Thanks to regular comprehensive eye exams, our dating leipzig can not only provide you with the necessary prescription for your eyes, but also help you to guard against conditions which, if left untreated, could threaten your eyesight. In order to keep your vision strong, schedule an appointment with us today.

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