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Digital retinal screening represents the latest technology in detecting eye disease. Our entire staff at El Paso EyeCare is committed to keeping your eyes strong, healthy, and seeing optimally. In order to do that, our El Paso eye exam is comprehensive and uses state of the art equipment to screen you for potential problems that need to be addressed. Among the diseases that can be more effectively diagnosed with the use of digital retinal screening are glaucoma, retinal detachments, macular degeneration, and macula holes.

Eye Disease Testing 79904

Eye Disease Testing 79904

The advantage of digital retinal screening is that it gives a 3-D view in high resolution.
Your retinas provide a significant amount of information about the condition of your eyes and with our El Paso eye exam, there is a much greater opportunity to detect eye diseases early. This is associated with more successful and less complicated treatments. Providing increased accuracy of test results along with the benefit of letting our doctor keep track of changes in your retina form one exam to the next, digital retinal screening is an excellent way to determine even minor differences that could indicate a problem.

In addition to being a superior diagnostic tool, digital retinal screening also allows you to remain more comfortable during the exam. It is safe, quick, and highly effective. And because remote viewing software allows our doctor to let you see the results in the exam room, it allows you to see exactly what is going on inside your eyes as our doctor explains it to you in detail. With our El Paso eye exam, we believe that it is important for you, our valued patient, to understand your condition rather than to be confused and uninformed.

This is just another example of our dedication to making our El Paso eye exam the most efficient you can get. A complete eye exam is recommended for all patients once per year. In addition to being screened for common eye diseases, any visual concerns such as nearsightedness and farsightedness will be detected and corrective lenses prescribed to treat it. Call us right away and make your appointment.

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