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El Paso Kids Eye Exams

Many of us like to believe that eye exams are something we only need at a certain age, usually as our children are beginning to go through grade school to check for vision problems so everyone can see clearly to learn better. However, the truth is that we need to be receiving eye exams at a much earlier age than that of a first grader, and much later in life than the point of high school graduation. Eye exams from your local El Paso optometrist are a vital part of the overall health care of each and every one of us, regardless of your age or the strength of your vision. El Paso EyeCare makes it easy to get the care you and your family need to maintain healthy eyes for a lifetime.

El Paso Eye Exams
El Paso Eye Exams

As a parent, there are few matters which concern you more than the health and safety of your child in all aspects of their lives. Optical care of your child is not one aspect that should ever be overlooked, and it should not be left up to the basic vision testing performed in most grade schools either. Children should be receiving their first optical exam long before they enter school, at six months of age from a fully licensed El Paso optometrist. Eye exams at this age can diagnose optical conditions such as lazy eye at a far earlier age for improved treatment which could serve to save their sight. A full eye exam should be performed at the age of three, and scheduled at regular intervals for your trust optical doctor.

Adult eye exams are just as important as those for your child, especially as you age. The complications of aging can have effects on all areas of our health, and the strength of our vision is no different. The natural lenses of our eyes often stiffen around the age of 40, causing them to have increased difficulty seeing objects up close, which can truly hamper our ability to perform everyday tasks, such as reading and cooking, and even many of our jobs. Adults with clear vision should be seeing their local El Paso optometrist at least every two to four years for comprehensive eye exams to properly care for their eyes.

At El Paso EyeCare we have been proudly serving the families of our community as your trusted El Paso optometrist for over a decade with comprehensive eye exams and quality eye care that is personal, professional, and affordable. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff will work with you and your family on everything from protective eye wear for youth sports to proper sun protection to care for your eyes. With the help of Dr. D.T. Patel and Dr. Eley at El Paso EyeCare we can insure that your family continues to see clearly for a lifetime.

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