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Have you been noticing that lines in your line of sight which you know logically to be straight are beginning to appear distorted or wavy in your sight? If straight lines in your sight appear to be anything but, or colors seem diminished or simply are becoming more difficult to tell one shade from the next, these could be more than just your mind playing tricks on you, but are in fact signs of a serious optical illness requiring professional care as soon as possible. These are both symptoms of a developing condition known as macular degeneration, which can cause permanent vision loss without treatment from your local eye doctor in El Paso. Your treatment starts with a comprehensive examination at the state of the art practice of El Paso EyeCare.

79904 Macular Degeneration
79904 Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an optical illness that is most commonly caused by the onset of aging, and such is usually diagnosed in patients over the age of 40, and most often in patients over the age of 60. Disease like macular degeneration are one of the many reasons why patients in their middle ages, especially over the age of 45, need to maintain regular appointments with their trusted eye doctor in El Paso to insure an early diagnosis of destructive optical diseases. Macular degeneration often shows no symptoms in its first stages, and will often not be noticed by a patient until it begins to affect both eyes. Symptoms of this illness include loss of central vision, including poor color perception, distorted lines, and spots that appear blurred, dark, or simply whited out in the middle of your vision field. Any sudden loss of vision should be treated by your eye doctor immediately, as this can often be due to an erupted blood vessel from wet-form macular degeneration. Diagnosis for macular degeneration often includes the use of specialized charts such as an Amsler grid in order to examine each specific area of your visual field to find the exact source of your vision problem. This grid of straight lines can appear blurry for patients with macular degeneration, as well as simply missing lines entirely. Most patients will only suffer from dry form macular degeneration, caused by yellow deposits on the macula of the eye. However, wet-form macular degeneration caused by leaking blood vessels can be highly destructive without professional help.

For the state of the art care you need in the face of macular degeneration, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood eye doctor in El Paso. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of El Paso EyeCare have been proudly serving your local community for over a decade. At El Paso EyeCare you will find the personalized care and state of the art technology to help you see clearly for life.

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