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Specialty contact lenses in Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss contacts
Fort Bliss contacts

At our optical store, El Paso EyeCare, we offer many different types of vision services including fittings for specialty Fort Bliss contacts by our expert optometrists, Dr. D.T. Patel and Dr. Eley.

Today, many people can successfully wear contact lenses who never before. Even if you have astigmatism, you can now have your vision corrected by using specialized toric lenses. If you suffer with dry eye, there are also contact lenses made out of certain materials that make it possible for you to comfortably and safely wear Fort Bliss contacts, as well. At our eye care practice, we provide complete contact lens exams and fittings. We want each one of our patients to be perfectly comfortable with the contact lenses that they wear, and will take special care to make sure that our patients’ contact lenses are properly fit to their eyes. We offer routine contact lens fitting as well as special fittings for contact lenses for patients who have unique visual demands. If our patient has a diseased cornea, they too can often wear contact lenses, but they need to be specially fit at our office. We provide disposable soft lenses from Vistakon, Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision and CIBA. We also are able to provide customers correction with soft lenses for high prescriptions. We also are very happy to be able to offer our patients bifocal contacts; this means that they will not need to wear reading glasses in order to read or see up close. Often times, rigid gas permeable lenses are excellent for helping our patients who have certain cornea problems. Rigid contacts have also been helpful in slowing the progression of nearsightedness for most patients.

If you are going to be getting new Fort Bliss contacts, visit us at our eye care practice where our top-notch optometrists will provide you with the best fitting contact lenses to meet your individual vision needs.

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