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Specialty contact lenses in Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss eye care

Fort Bliss eye care

If you are looking for a vision practice where you can be fitted for specialty contact lenses, you will want to visit us at El Paso EyeCare. When you come to our vision practice for Fort Bliss eye care, you will be seen by one of our two top-notch optometrists, Dr. D.T. Patel or Dr. Eley.

Our patients can have a contact lens exam during which time their eyes will be examined and they will be fitted for contact lenses. Visual acuity will also be tested to make sure you have the exact prescription to match your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism needs. It is very important that contact lenses fit your eyes precisely or the cornea can be damaged. For this reason, our contact lens exam also includes our eye doctor taking measurements of your eyes, including the curvature of your cornea. Today, just about anyone can wear contact lenses. Even if you have astigmatism or dry eye, there are now contact lenses which can safely and effectively correct your vision. At our office, we provide Fort Bliss eye care and contact lens fitting for patients who need spherical, toric, multifocal and toric multifocal lenses. These lenses can be soft lenses, gas permeable lenses, and even hybrid materials. Contact lenses can be made in different styles, such as contact lenses that are disposable after one wear, or contact lenses that can be worn for many days at a time before they need to be removed from the eyes for cleaning. Soft contact lenses are most frequently prescribed because they are extremely comfortable and easy to get used to. Even if you do not need to wear contact lenses for vision correction, you may want to wear them so that the color of your eyes can appear to be changed. These color-changing lenses can be purchased at our vision practice as well, but you will need to have a contact lens prescription to ensure proper fit. We also offer multifocal and corneal reshaping lenses for orthokeratology.

For an appointment to see our optometrist for Fort Bliss eye care, contact us today.

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