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Management of ocular diseases in Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss eye care

Fort Bliss eye care

Our El Paso EyeCare practice is dedicated to bringing the residents of Fort Bliss eye care that not only strives to help them achieve the best vision possible but also to ensure the continued health of their eyes by diagnosing and managing treatment for serious eye diseases. Our doctors use state-of-the-art ocular diagnostic equipment to complete a comprehensive examination of each patient’s eyes that includes a refractory exam to measure visual acuity and prescribe any necessary vision corrections, as well as a dilated exam where our doctor will be able to see deep into the eye’s structures to check for abnormalities and diseases.

If our Fort Bliss eye care examination does diagnose serious diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts our practice will help manage the disease and treatment working with the patient’s ophthalmologist to monitor progress. These eye diseases are extremely debilitating and can cause vision loss but don’t exhibit any symptoms until vision has been affected, which is why an annual examination by our doctors is so important. Glaucoma is a group of diseases that causes vision loss due to high intraocular pressure. It is one of the leading causes of blindness and early detection and frequent monitoring is the best way to start controlling the disease. Macular degeneration affects central and detail vision as the macular begins to break down and is often age-related. Laser treatments are often used to improve vision and slow the progress of the several diseases that are grouped together as macular degeneration. Since the results of treatment are often temporary frequent monitoring by our doctors is recommended.

Cataracts are slow developing clouding of the usually clear lens of the eye. The condition usually starts with the central part of the eye and makes it difficult to see at night or on a rainy day or beyond the glare of oncoming headlights. Surgery will replace the clouded lens with an artificial one. Our Fort Bliss eye care practice will monitor the cataracts growth until it is ready to be taken out and adjust your vision correction prescriptions as needed before and after surgery. Let us assist you in maintaining good eye health for a lifetime.

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