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Have your eyes begun to feel scratchy and irritated on almost a daily basis? Does it sometimes feel as though you have something in your eye but you look and there is nothing there? It sounds as though you may have the condition called dry eye. Dry eye is a common condition that is generally easy to treat. However, if left untreated, dry eye can cause serious vision problems so it is not a problem you will want to ignore. If you want to see a great Fort Bliss eye doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, come to our eye care practice, El Paso EyeCare.

At our practice, El Paso EyeCare, our two expert eye doctors are Dr. D.T. Patel and Dr. Eley. Both of our doctors are optometrists who provide excellent care for patients suffering with dry eye. When you come in to see our Fort Bliss eye doctor for dry eye, he will first need to diagnose that you do indeed have this condition. Then our eye doctor will determine the exact cause of the dry eye problem. When people have dry eye they generally either have a poor quality of tears, or they do not make a sufficient amount of tears to keep their eyes well lubricated and clear of debris.

Dry eye is a very common eye problem, particularly in older adults. Dry eye can often turn into a chronic eye problem that will make your eyes quite uncomfortable if not treated on a timely basis. Tears are very important as they clear off the front surface of the cornea. The tears serve to lubricate the eyes, reduce the risk of getting an eye infection, wash away debris, and keep the surface of the eyes clear. Treatment for dry eye can take several forms, and treatment will depend on what the root cause of the problem is. Treatment for dry eye by our Fort Bliss eye doctor can be: prescription eye drops that will help with the production of tears; direction to use over-the-counter artificial tears; insertion of tiny plugs into the tear ducts to slow down tear drainage; or permanent closing of the tear ducts to keep tears in the eyes longer. Dry eye can also be caused by things other than age. Causes can include: the use of certain medications including antihistamines, blood pressure medication or antidepressants; certain medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and thyroid problems; exposure to smoke or dry climates; and even LASIK surgeries. If you would like to meet with our eye doctor and have a comprehensive eye exam, contact our practice today.

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