Low Vision Doctor El Paso

Low Vision Doctor El Paso

Are you suffering from vision problems that cannot be corrected by common and traditional means? If you are dealing with poor sight that truly makes carrying out your lives difficult for you, you need much more than a traditional general eye doctor, but a professional http://www.funnymeme.com/ who will work with you to find a means of treatment that truly works to compliment your life and fit your unique needs. Our team at the offices of El Paso EyeCare are experienced professional in low vision diagnosis to identify the cause behind your vision problems to find the proper course of treatment to give you your best sight yet.

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Vision Loss El Paso

Low vision occurs in various degrees and types, as it can be fueled by a multitude of causes. This condition can occur with only a few blind spots in your field of vision to total loss of sight. The American Optometric Association currently places low vision degrees in two major categories. Those who cope with vision strength of 20/70 to 20/200 even with the help of common prescription lenses are termed as being partially sighted, while those who are beyond 20/200 are currently defined as legally blind. Age is a common factor in the severity of vision problems, as are vision problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts. While many of us will not experience low vision until after the age of 65, an astonishing one in six adults over the age of 45 are currently living with low vision and will need treatment from their trusted http://www.funnymeme.com/ to receive the care they need to see clearly.

Living with low vision is a problem which is unique from patient to patient, requiring a professional http://www.funnymeme.com/ who specializes in work with each of our patient’s individually in order to diagnose their vision problems and begin their path to better sight that can help you get your life back. With the assistance of your local doctor at the offices of El Paso EyeCare are experts in vision rehabilitation for patients who are coping with partial or total vision loss. We understand how difficult it can be to be told by previous optical doctors that your vision is beyond their means. That’s why at your offices we utilize the latest in state of the art optical technology and treatments to help you see more clearly. Our treatment plans offer telescopic or microscopic glasses tailored especially for your needs, state of the art prescription glasses, therapeutic filters for clear vision and even video magnification technology to help you see at any range or any size font. With El Paso EyeCare we can give you better sight with low vision than you ever thought possible.

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