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Dilated Eye Exams El Paso

Are you concerned about the care your eyes need in order to see clearly? Dilating the eyes in order to examine their entire complex inner structures is not only out of date technology, but it also causes uncomfortable light sensitivity that can make it impossible for many of us to drive ourselves home for a regular eye exam. Fortunately, the latest advances in optical technology has made optical examinations more comfortable, efficient, and effective than ever before. For the very best in comprehensive eye exams, be sure to book your next annual appointment with the experts at your local Northeast El Paso eye care center at the state of the art offices of El Paso EyeCare, and ask how the Diopsys NOVA vision testing system can work for you.

Vision Testing El Paso
Vision Testing El Paso

The Diopsys NOVA vision testing system allows your doctor to examine your eyes without the need for any sort of invasive equipment thanks to patented electrophysiological technology through two state of the art methods of testing. The only preparation a patient should perform to achieve the best results to keep the hair and skin clean and free of any products, though the doctor at your professional Northeast El Paso eye care center will gently cleanse the skin before testing begins. The Diopsys NOVA system examines your eyes through the use of sensory pads position on the head and under the eyelids for the most advanced examination of the inner-workings of your eyes. Unlike other imaging systems, the Visual Evoked Potential or VEP test utilizes these sensors to measure the levels of electrical activity which occur in your eyes as light enters them, measuring the strength of this path to the visual cortex of the brain and insure communication is crystal clear. No other eye exam works to examine vision in this way today. This test is accompanied by the use of Pattern Electroretinography. Also known as an ERG, this examination utilizes the same sensors to examine the health of the retina by measuring its functions at a cellular level. By measuring the retina’s ability to convey the electric impulses which occur when light enters the eye to create a visual image, your doctor can examine the health of this integral region of the eye for a more efficient diagnosis of optical disease than ever before possible.

For the most advanced optical testing today, simply visit your neighborhood Northeast El Paso eye care center. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the advanced care practice of El Paso EyeCare highly recommended Visual Evoked Potential and Pattern Electroretinography testing in order to insure the most accurate and efficient diagnosis of optical vision conditions. With the Diopsys NOVA vision testing system at El Paso EyeCare, you can insure a lifetime of healthy vision.

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