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Eye care is vital and it is just as important to get a yearly eye exam as it is to get a yearly physical. Many underlying conditions can be detected during a thorough eye examination. Here at El Paso EyeCare we can offer you a gentle and comprehensive eye exam to help detect any such issues. While eye exams include screenings for glaucoma and macular degeneration, our El Paso optometrist also screens for cataracts.

Eye Disease Testing 79904

Eye Disease Testing 79904

While it is advised that you get a check up every year, it’s still important to monitor your health from day to day to see if you notice any changes or develop odd symptoms. Cataracts occur when there is a build-up of protein in the eye’s lens. This results in loss of vision due to the clouding of the lens, making it difficult to see. This clouding prevents the passage of light through the eye and can build up over time, even as new cells form. There are four main types of cataracts including age-related cataracts, congenital cataracts, secondary cataracts and traumatic cataracts. Age-related cataracts simply occur as you age, and may happen to anyone. Congenital cataracts are cataracts that infants may be born with due to complications in development, either in the womb or in early childhood. Secondary cataracts develop as a side-effect of other medical conditions such as diabetes, use of certain drugs, or radiation. And lastly, traumatic cataracts can occur after injury has been sustained in the eye. Habits such as smoking and heavy alcohol consumption can increase the risk of developing this condition. A thorough exam here at El Paso EyeCare can help you identify signs and symptoms at their earliest stages, and it is advised that you visit our El Paso optometrist at the first sign of symptoms.

There are several symptoms of cataracts. If you experience a sudden change in vision, cloudy vision, have a sudden problem with glare, develop a superimposed double vision, or experience changes in the way you see color then you should visit our El Paso optometrist right away. Dr. Patel or Dr. Eley will conduct a thorough but gentle eye exam to screen for any conditions that may be causing this. In the case of cataracts, treatment can involve a new prescription that will better your sight or if your condition is more severe then cataract surgery may be necessary. A yearly visit to El Paso EyeCare will ensure that your eyes are at their healthiest and our optometrists are here to help you with any symptoms or discomforts, aiming to help you see comfortably every day.

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