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Treating Blurry Vision in El Paso

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Vision Loss El Paso
Vision Loss El Paso

Vision health is important, even if you have lived most of your life with perfect or 20/20 vision. Your visual acuity is always subject to change, especially as you get older, and it is important for individuals to get regular eye exams to keep tabs on their eye health and their visual health as well. Many adults may experience some vision loss or blurry vision as they age, which is often farsightedness. We can help interested patients when it comes to treating blurry vision in El Paso right here at El Paso EyeCare.

Your vision is always subject to change so it is important that you get your eyes checked with us at El Paso EyeCare on a regular basis. Any changes experienced in regards to your visual acuity are normal, but sometimes they can be the sign of vision loss related to more serious eye conditions and diseases. Usually, when adults experience vision changes it typically due to aging. Most vision impairments are the result of an irregularly shaped cornea. The cornea works much like the lens of a camera. The shape of the cornea affects how light is filtered through the eye, thus affecting the images received by the retina and processed by the brain. For people with perfect vision, their corneas are perfectly dome shaped. As you age, you may begin to experience difficulty seeing objects up close. You may experience blurry vision when reading or looking at objects that are within arm’s reach. This is because your corneas are losing their shape and are becoming flatter. Like most other parts of the human body, the corneas tend to lose their elasticity, and this their shape, as the body ages. As the cornea flattens, you will develop what is known as farsightedness. We can help when it comes to treating blurry vision in El Paso.

If you begin to experience vision loss or blurry vision due to farsightedness, we here at El Paso EyeCare can provide you with a comprehensive eye exam, determine your prescription and help you choose a pair of lenses to help improve your vision. If you need help treating blurry vision in El Paso, simply visit us here at our offices for comprehensive eye care today.

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